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Social Media

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Giving you time to do what you do best

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Why Dot Marketing?

Think of us as an extension of your business as we take social media management off of your plate, giving you time to focus on what you do best… growing your business. Our team knows exactly what it takes to achieve real results on social media and we are ready to get to work for you. 

What we do

Our team of experts leverages the full power of social media by helping you identify your audience, craft your story and share your business with the world. By working closely with you we help give your audience an inside perspective of who you are to foster more engagement and grow your brand awareness. 

Why use social media?

If you are wondering when the best time to start investing in social media for your business is, the answer is now! The sooner you embrace social media as a critical business tool, the farther you will advance your business goals. 

Without social media you could be missing out on new customers, insights into your brand and audience, engagement opportunities and one of the most cost effective ways to reach new people and inform them about your business.

Not convinced? Check out the statistics:

How many consumers learn about new brands on social media?
How many people are on social media in the world?
How many executives will increase social budgets in 3 years?
How many businesses use social media data to make business decisions?
How many people age 18-49 use social media?
How many marketers believe social media is effective for their business?

Take advantage of a global tool

How we make social media work for you

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Research & Strategy

We work with you to discover your audience and goals while also developing a strategy to achieve those goals across multiple social media profiles.

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Content Creation

We create unique content catered specifically to your business needs and your brand image through quality images and engaging videos.

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Paid Social Media Advertising

We create you captivating imagery and on-point messaging to be delivered through paid social media advertisements in order to drive traffic, grow engagement and increase sales.

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Social Media Engagement

We perform regular egagement tactic on your behalf allowing you to develop and maintain relationships with your audience to build brand loyalty and reach new customers.

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Data Analysis

Each month we review and analyze your monthly data to discover areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

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Influencer Engagement

We will engagement and leverage social media influencer to build you brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase your following and reach.

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Your customized strategy

Research & strategy

Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of a good strategy. Our team of experts understand why you need a strategy and how to create and utilize the perfect strategy for you. 

We create a map or plan containing your social media goals, steps to achieve those goals and the timeline and metrics to track our progress. This plan will help visualize what social media management means for you. We take into account your industry, your audience, which platforms to utilize, what type of products or services you provide and what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure. 

However, none of this can be done without your input because as a the business owner, you are an expert in all things in your industry. We ask that our clients are able and willing to be as responsive as possible to ensure your customized strategy works as best as it can. 

Captivate your audience

Content creation

Our team creates you custom, captivating content that is strategy driven that will take your brand to the next level. Our content includes high quality images and engaging videos built for all social platforms to help you stand out of the crowd. 

We work directly with you to understand your goals for your brand and what the look and feel of your content should be. This content can include testimonials, before/afters, behind the scenes, user-generated content, educational graphics, videos, stories, and more. Every piece of content we create has a specific purpose in your overall strategy.

We utilize Social Pilot to schedule and manage our clients posts for various social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Business Profile. 

While using the same photo across all platforms may seem easy we recommend increasing your monthly social media service to account for unique posts for each platform to help your followers want to engage on all platforms, thus increasing your brand awareness. Keep in mind that when creating unique posts for each platform you are cutting the amount of content you receive each month which is why we recommend at least doubling your services. 

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Create lasting relationships

Social media engagement

Social media engagement is the measure how people are interacting with your accounts and content but for you it means how you are interacting with those interacting with you. Many social media platforms are starting to reward genuine social interactions from businesses, making social engagement a vital part of your marketing strategy… or at least it should be.

We help you increase your engagement by engaging with your viewers in a genuine and effective way. We help your business/brand be social online with an authentic, consistent voice. We achieve this by inviting people to like your pages, responding to comments and DMs, sharing and reposting, mentioning other pages/people, etc. 

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Big data for big results

Data analysis

Social Media analytics and data provides us with useful insights into your audience, consumer base and your industry. All of the numbers and seemingly useless information tells us a story and gives us a road map on how to successfully reach and interact with your audience. 

All of the information we receive throughout the month allows us to identify any pitfalls and areas of opportunities for your social media strategy. At the beginning of each month we provide you with the hard data along with a brief summary of what it all means and how our team is utilizing it to help you grow!

Create lasting relationships

Influencer engagement

What is Influencer Engagement? Influencer engagement is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers. Utilizing influencers is great due to the level of trust influencers have built with their following.

We will help you find the perfect influencer for your business/brand and analyze what the ROI will be working with them. We will engage and leverage that social media influencer(s) to build you brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase your following and reach. 

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Social media FAQ's

It depends! No social media platform is the same which means you need to determine which platform(s) is going to give you the right exposure with the right audience and allow you to develop your brand best. At Dot Marketing, we focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube but we often extend our services into other social platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest depending on client needs. We suggest most of our clients start with 1-2 platforms to grow because we do not want to spread you too thin across too many to not reach your audience. 

The key to how often you should post is BALANCE! 

If you are completely inactive on your profiles, audiences will look to your competitors. If you are posting too often your audience might be overwhelmed and even worse off… unfollow you. 

We have the experience and knowledge to understand what it takes to find a balance for our clients in a variety of industries. Social media is always changing so we are learning new techniques, methods, and strategies each day to help serve you best. 

Our team will schedule and post all content for you unless specified otherwise. We send all content to you for approval beforehand and then utilize our scheduling software to post all content through your social profiles. 

Our content varies depending on each client since you are unique in every way. Your goals, tone, look and feel are all unique so your content should match. We are able to cater testimonials, before/afters, behind the scenes, educational graphics, videos, stories, etc. specifically for you.