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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of marketing tactics which are designed to help boost a website’s organic listing in search engines higher. This means that when a user searches for something your website offers, we make sure your website is as close to the top of the search as possible. 
There are many tactics that are used to accomplish this task. There are technical tasks that include adjusting headlines and adding schema markup. There are also design elements that can be adjusted like page layout for mobile devices. Showing up higher in search results is how you get found online, but SEO is only part of the equation. 
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SEO Services We Utilize For Performance

WordPress SEO

Because we build websites in WordPress, we are experts when it comes to optimizing websites on the WordPress platform. Through a variety of techniques we can help your website perform better regardless if your business has a small website or a large e-commerce website. We focus our optimization efforts on content, meta data, site structure and more.

Local SEO

When a customer needs your service, where will they find you? Without good SEO on your website, your business could be invisible. Because we are local and know the Rapid City and Black Hills market, we can implement the best SEO practices to be found.

Content Optimization

You’ve built a site, but figuring how to get it to perform is tougher. This is where our SEO Audit Service can help you! To help you create an SEO strategy, we will analyze your website analytics, competitors and your target audience. From there we create a detailed report you can use to chart your plan of action.

SEO Audits

One of the key factors that Google is looking for is relevant content. By identifying the key words and phrases that clients are searching for, our diverse team of SEO copywriters can create original content that will attract people searching.

Analytics & Reporting

What good is a SEO plan if you can’t measure results? When we begin working on your SEO we set up tracking for your website keywords. We then send you monthly reports providing transparency behind the work we are doing and the progress your website is making.

Digital Ad Campaign

SEO is an effective strategy to provide long-term website traffic, sometimes though, you need instant leads. We have the ability to manage Digital Ad Campaigns for you that will help deliver the desired results.

Our SEO Marketing Process

Analyze Step 1
Strategize Step 2
Implementation Step 3
Review Step 4
Reporting Step 5

Is SEO Your Solution?

It’s not about keyword rankings and link building. It’s about solving your pain points and helping you grow. We’ve got the right solutions here at Dot Marketing.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. By taking a look at all options for marketing a business on a search engine results page (SERP) the opportunity to be more visible to users can be more effective than SEO by itself. SEM usually refers to paid options such as getting ads placed on SERPS, but we look at all options available such as your free Google My Business Listing, rich snippet opportunities, and position zero possibilities which include both paid and free options.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of getting websites to show higher on Google and other search engines than competing websites. 

Google and other search engines do not charge for listing in their searches. SEO is usually a service provided by other companies to help your website rank higher in search results. The cost associated is determined by the specific needs of the company and the size of the audience. 

SEO tactics generally take an understanding what search engines look for and the technical knowledge to be able to implement these tactics on a website. If you have the knowledge and time to do SEO then it can be done without assistance. However, many business owners don’t have the time to learn and implement these strategies and also operate their business.

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