Email Marketing

It is 5 times more costly to gain a new customer than keep an existing customer. How are you reaching out to your current customers? Email marketing is a great way to communicate. The people that you send emails to already know you and are open to being communicated with that way. In fact, they opted in to receive information from you.

Here are some benefits when using email marketing:

  • Reduce Your Time & Effort of Communicating with Customers
  • Get Out Real-Time Messages
  • You Can Personalize and Segment Customer Database Information
  • Easy Way For More Frequent Communications with Customers
  • A Great Way To Spread Information
  • Reduce Overhead Costs of Sales Tactics
  • A Great Way To Track Sales and User Engagement
email marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing System

We use constant contact to manage our clients email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact has built in tracking and listing management that allows you to monitor performance and adjust accordingly. Get setup yourself or contact us and we can set all this up for you.

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  • Email Marketing & Management
  • Advanced Performance Tracking
  • Multiple Design Templates