Meet Our Team!

How Our Team Functions:

  • We provide top notch customer service by being easy to get a hold of, respond quickly, and get work done in a timely manner. You don’t need to check in with us, we will be checking in with you!
  • We stay up on all new technology in our field to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable staff members working on your website.
  • We have an organizational system to help all sizes of businesses grow within digital marketing.

Who We Are

Angela Wolter - Marketing Strategist, Owner
Angela Wolter - Owner Dot Marketing

Experience: My first career job experience was in 1996 at a fortune 500 company as a desktop publisher. My final working years in California, I spent working for a growing directory publisher. I moved back to South Dakota and I spent 15 years owning and managing a couple of directory publishing companies. In 2009, I started diving into digital and those efforts are what makes up the vision for Dot Marketing and Design, LLC.

Education: I graduated from Black Hills State University with a double major of Graphic Design and Physical Science with a minor in Physics. And of course, continuous education weekly, its digital, always changing!

Certifications: Google Ads, Google Analytics

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Corinne Perkins - Business Development
Corinne Perkins

Experience: I wouldn’t say I chose my career, but rather my career chose me. I’ve always loved working and helping people and finding that combination to help businesses grow was a great fit. I bring a strong knowledge of business and what it takes to manage budgets, generate leads and be successful.  Experiencing my own business succeed in Colorado, only to fail in Alaska gives me the tools to learn a market and identify your demographic. I also had a very successful career with Adecco being promoted the first Executive Recruiter in this region, along with multiple awards, including the Highest Client Satisfaction Award. Working with so many businesses, I really learned the keys to their success and I am ready to apply my knowledge to your business and help you be successful!

Education: Wanting to go to school close to home, I graduated from Black Hills State University in 2010 with a Mass Communications degree with emphasis in Public Relations, Journalism and Computer Publishing and a minor in Commercial Arts

Corinne Dot
Wild Bill Schaefer - Business Development
Wild Bill Schaefer

I strive everyday to achieve the unachievable. My experience is vast, my communication skills are effective and my customer service is above reproach. I believe in taking pride in your work, your family, and your achievements. My background is collective, colorful and has given me the ability to jump into any situation and find myself to be successful. Through my education, training and experience I am able to offer organizations a realistic approach to buying by educating the buyer and not over selling the products they do not need. Allowing trust and connections to be made enabling me to make multi level sales to the same client.

Education: I attended the University of Northern Colorado where I obtained a BA in English education and Womens Sociology. When it comes to Soccer I am the Pre-Select Director for the Black HIlls Rapids where I am constantly obtaining training and Coaches licensing.

Wild Bill Schaefer Dot
Jason Silver - Project Manager, Graphic Designer
Jason Silver

I am in charge of many of the visual task, from social media and email to graphic design. I bring a versatile skillset and background to help develop effective ad messages. If you have questions on your advertising projects, I would love to talk about options with you.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado.

Certifications: Constant Contact, EnrollMatch

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Chuck Williams - Technical Master, Web Developer

I am responsible for managing our server and websites, as well as many other technical tasks that arise such as email and Google Ads. When technical issues arise, I enjoy helping our customers troubleshoot and develop the best resolution.

Education: I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems from Capella University and constant education from a variety of places. Never stop learning.

Certifications: Google Analytics, SEMrush Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals

Danielle Summers - Graphic Designer
Danielle Summers

I primarily work on the visual side of our customer’s marketing with a focus on graphic design for both digital and traditional printed media. One of my strength areas is in company brand development. I also have a passion for fine art and you will likely see me around the area displaying and selling my artwork, as well as hiking the Black Hills.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia.

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Noah Davila - Digital Ad Specialist
Noah Davila

I create content for a variety of platforms including but not limited to blogs, social media, and websites in accordance with the content strategies developed by our team. By keeping up with content trends and consumer preferences I am able to ensure that our customers’ content is effectively reaching the target audience and our marketing goals. My ability to effectively change tones to reach different audiences allows me to help our clients tell their unique stories. My goal for our clients is to produce engaging content that will effectively engage their customers and surpass their goals.

Education: I graduated from Colorado State University in 2020 with a BS in Business administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

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Adam Vollmer - Webmaster
Adam Vollmer Headshot circle

My duties encompass anything and everything related to the technical side of the business. This can include things such as our website hosting, updates, and finding solutions for our customers problems.

Education: Attended schooling for Game Art and Design but decided to take a more practical, hands on approach in the real world. 

Adam dot
Carol Osten - Digital Media Specialist

I am responsible mainly for Digital Ads, but I also take care of ensuring your business listings, including Google My Business, are consistent across the different platforms. Additionally, I am cross-trained to assist in all departments as needed. 

Education: I graduated with an AAS degree in Graphic Design with Web Design from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota, as well as a Certificate in Administrative with Word Processing from Interstate Business College in Fargo, ND.  I have also taken a variety of computer classes through online courses throughout the years.