How Our Team Functions:

  • We provide top notch customer service by being easy to get a hold of, respond quickly, and get work done in a timely manner. You don’t need to check in with us, we will be checking in with you!
  • We stay up on all new technology in our field to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable staff members working on your website.
  • We have an organizational system to help all sizes of businesses grow within digital marketing.

Who We Are

Angela Wolter - Marketing Strategist, Owner

Experience: My first career job experience was in 1996 at a fortune 500 company as a desktop publisher. My final working years in California, I spent working for a growing directory publisher. I moved back to South Dakota and I spent 15 years owning and managing a couple of directory publishing companies. In 2009, I started diving into digital and those efforts are what makes up the vision for Dot Marketing and Design, LLC.

Education: I graduated from Black Hills State University with a double major of Graphic Design and Physical Science with a minor in Physics. And of course, continuous education weekly, its digital, always changing!

Certifications: Google Ads, Google Analytics

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Jason Silver - Project Manager, Graphic Designer

I am in charge of many of the visual task, from social media and email to graphic design. I bring a versatile skillset and background to help develop effective ad messages. If you have questions on your advertising projects, I would love to talk about options with you.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Colorado.

Certifications: Constant Contact, EnrollMatch

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Chuck Williams - Technical Master, Web Developer

I am responsible for managing our server and websites, as well as many other technical tasks that arise such as email and Google Ads. When technical issues arise, I enjoy helping our customers troubleshoot and develop the best resolution.

Education: I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems from Capella University and constant education from a variety of places. Never stop learning.

Certifications: Google Analytics, SEMrush Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals

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Danielle Summers - Graphic Designer

I primarily work on the visual side of our customer’s marketing with a focus on graphic design for both digital and traditional printed media. One of my strength areas is in company brand development. I also have a passion for fine art and you will likely see me around the area displaying and selling my artwork, as well as hiking the Black Hills.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia.

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male technician installing server

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