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Trista Batey

Customer Service Specialist

My Role At Dot Marketing and Design

I am a Montana native, but have resided in the Black Hills region for the past nine years. With a solid background in customer service, I possess exceptional interpersonal skills and a keen attention to detail coupled with my passion for making people feel valued and heard.

I take pride in being a devoted mother to her teenage children, Brooke and Blake. In my free time, I enjoy immersing myself in a book or work on my baking and cooking skills. With a strong emphasis on family and friends, I share my home with several furry friends, including two adorable turtles.

With several years of management under my belt, I have gained hands-on expertise in dealing with customers. I have mastered the art of implementing the best practices to provide effective assistance to anyone who reaches out by phone or in person at Dot Marketing.

If you are needing anything to do with Dot Receptionist or the Black Hills Welcome Box, we will be meeting soon.

Trista Batey- Customer Service Specialist
Trista Batey and family
Trista with her kids Brooke and Blake in 2018