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why dot marketing photography

Why Dot Marketing?

As an extension of your business we know exactly what it takes to make you business stand out. Our experience in every facet of digital marketing allows us to know exactly what your photography needs to accomplish. Our photography not only provides exciting and beautiful images that commands peoples attention but also works hand in hand with your other marketing objectives and tactics. 

What we do

We discuss with you exactly what your photography needs to accomplish before a single photo is taken so we can develop a plan that utilizes every second of your photography session. With that plan in hand, we work with you to create the stunning visuals you need. Additionally, we are constantly on the pulse of what is new in photography so your business is on the pulse as well. 

Do I need photography?

First impression matter! If you are using subpar images for your marketing objectives the odds are people view your business as subpar. Using quality images not only captures the attention of potential customers but also greatly influences their perceptions of your business as a whole. 

Not only will you establish credibility with professional photography but you will also be able to establish emotional appeal. People will find it easier to connect with your business when your images instill emotion. 

Additionally, photography can encourage engagement, deliver messages without words and simply make you stand out amongst your competitors. 

digital camera

More views on articles and webpages with images than those without images. 

Of consumers state that quality images have a significant impact on brand and purchase.

Stand out from the competition

Types of photography we offer

Social Media Photography

Photos shot specifically for your social media objectives including products, services, etc.

Website Photography

Photos meant to enhance your website and its features.

Advertising Photography

Photos designed to capture an idea or feeling in order to sell your brand.

Product Marketing

Photos showing in beautiful detail the wonderful products you offer.

Employee Headshots

Professional headshots to highlight the wonderful employees that make your business great!

Event Photography

Photos showcasing the wonderful event(s) that you had for the world to see!

Portrait Photography

Capturing the personality of a person or group in a fun, special way using creative backgrounds and poses.

Brochure Photography

Photos taken with your brochure design, tone and feel in mind.

Our photography work