Website design professionally built and maintained by experts.

Website design that is optimized for Google from the start.

Is your website well organized? Is it easy to use? Does it provide good information, load quickly, and is it mobile friendly?

Lately, search engines have made a website’s user experience an important ranking signal, so our goal is to build sites optimizing for user experience, as well as dozens of other Google ranking signals.

Our website builds work well on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Maybe your website should be an app? We can help you with that as well.

Website User Experience for 2019

Our Website Platform of Choice is WordPress!

We use a content management system, or CMS, to build our websites. The content management structure makes them easier to be crawled. We currently use WordPress because of its popularity. There are literally thousands of plugins that add functionality to sites. Also, running an online business often involves processes like connecting up databases, newsletters, payment gateways, event management and social media tools. WordPress easily manages 3rd party integration seamlessly. As more and more website designers’ use WordPress, more features are developed. The sky’s the limit for your site and your online business activities

What is the cost of a website build?

A common question we get is, “How much does a website cost to be built?”  All websites are not created equal that’s for sure.  Here is a guide below so you have an idea. To set up a simple website with up to 5 pages, including setting it up to be technically correct to be found by search engines, anticipate $1,800, some more, some less, but my example includes:

  • Cpanel & Basic Layout Setup
  • Simple Homepage Header
  • 5 web pages with User Experience in mind website design
  • Simple Contact Form

Website Build Add-Ons

If you need alittle added functionality to your websites, here are some add-ons to take your website to that next level.

  • Pages of Content
  • Adding and Optimizing Media Into a Photo Gallery
  • Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway
  • Testimonials Showcase
  • Facebook Feed Viewable on Website
  • Event Calendar
  • Fillable Online Forms
  • Video Gallery
  • Custom Coding Items
  • Adding a Database

A few sample websites…

We have a ton more, so if you are looking for a particular sample, reach out!

Hosting and Maintenance Service Plan

Each website we build needs a monthly hosting and service plan provided by Dot. Learn more about our hosting and maintenance plan.

What is GDPR and does it matter to me?

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Website design is an extension of your customer service.

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How to Improve Your Website User Experience for 2019.

How to Improve Your Website User Experience for 2019.   What good is your website if the user that goes there isn’t having a good experience? You’re right, it’s not much good at all. What are users coming to your site to do? You want to make their experience as user friendly as you can.…

Setting Up A Call to Action On Your Website

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