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Russell Fielder

Marketing Strategist / Account Manager

Howdy! My name is Russell Fielder and I am or could be your account manager at Dot Marketing

What I do at Dot Marketing and Design

I utilize thoughtful creativity to develop custom solutions for future clients at Dot Marketing. I leverage my broad expertise of media strategy, planning and execution to ensure client success with each well thought out and executed campaign. My greatest strength is my ability to work collaboratively with clients and media partners to achieve success and deliver exceptional, measurable outcomes.

I began my career in Texas as a National Television Sales Rep in 2002. I quickly realized my passion for helping clients connect with their audience. I spent the next twenty years immersed in the advertising sector in a variety of roles including client management, team development and leadership.

In 2022, me and my family embraced a long envisioned goal of relocating from Dallas, Texas to Rapid City, South Dakota to be near family and continue raising our three kids in the abundant blessings of the Black Hills.
Prior to joining Dot Marketing, I owned and operated a home services franchise serving the Black Hills. This experience helped form my unique and empathetic perspective into the small-to-medium sized businesses I serve everyday.


Just for fun

I developed a love of hiking and camping as a youth while in the Boy Scouts. Me and my wife continue to teach these values to our three kids, enjoying the outdoors as a family as often as possible. When not outdoors, I can be found enjoying a frosty beverage while cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and (finally) World-Series-Winning Texas Rangers. 

With a focus on bringing people together, I am dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community and carrying out my personal faith.

Russell enjoying donuts and coffee
Russell Fielder
Russell Fielder - Marketing Strategist
Russell Fielder holding a fish