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Andrew Bender

Digital Marketing Specialist

My Role At Dot Marketing and Design

With a natural eye for design and aesthetics, I strive to breathe new life into all of my clients. Through my work in social media, video production, and graphic design, my goal is to make the Black Hills a more fun place to grow and live. This goal and the thrill of creating motivate me to continue innovating and growing as a designer.

When I’m not doing design, I enjoy playing different video games and board games with my friends. I also enjoys getting out into the Black Hills and shooting photos, but only on the warmer days. Born and raised in Rapid City, I am no stranger to the rich landscape of inspiration in the Black Hills. 

Andrew Bender at Dot Marketing
Andrew Bender taking photo at Bryce Canyon

My Experience

Starting as a game design student at Dakota State University, I learned skills I now use to enhance my creative projects. Being taught audio and video production, photography, and animation on top of my design courses, I am ready for anything that may come my way. After graduating, I returned to Rapid City, SD and found work with a local sign company, helping local Black Hills businesses grow. As of July 2022, I also serves on the board of the Black Hills American Advertising Federation and am involved with several of their committees.