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Angela Wolter

Owner / Marketing Strategist

angela wolter of Dot Marketing and website design in Rapid City, SD

Angela's Role At Dot Marketing

My current role at Dot is to make sure the team has a good foundation to grow in their careers. I also handle all new clients paperwork and setting up billing. I establish new processes or check on current systems to make sure we are running smoothly. And finally, I make sure the team has the tools they need to be the best they can be at their duties.

Dot Marketing and Website Design office dogs

Just for fun

When I’m not working, you might catch me playing with Molly and Ruby (the office dogs), out hiking, golfing, gardening or just hanging with the family in the kitchen.   

Angela's Experience

My first career job was in 1996 at a fortune 500 company as a desktop publisher, then a graphics coordinator for a telephone directory company. Both jobs were great experiences and I learned a lot about business.  Eventually, I moved back to South Dakota and I spent 15 years owning and managing a couple of directory publishing companies. In 2009, I started diving into digital and those efforts are what makes up the vision for Dot Marketing and Design, LLC.


I graduated from Black Hills State University with a double major of Graphic Design and Physical Science with a minor in Physics. And of course, continuous education weekly, its digital, always changing!