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10 Benefits of Email Marketing

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In this day and age, companies are always brewing up new ways to use technology to interact with their customers. From Email Marketing to Twitter and Instagram shopping, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to ask questions and get answers directly from a company representative. It’s so easy in fact, that one would assume it would phase out more traditional forms of communication, like email. Not so much, actually! Email still holds up as one of the leading marketing tools to date. Surprising, right? Yeah, we know. But, to prove it, we’re going to give you 10 statistics that show the benefits of email marketing and how it stays at the top of its game.

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1. Email Marketing Helps You Earn $36 for Every $1

Email marketing knocks every other form of marketing out of the park with its return on investment. That includes digital and physical. While this is just one of the perks of email marketing, this is the one that makes you money! And indeed, statistics show that you earn $36 for every $1 spent with email marketing.

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2. The Amount Of Emails Sent Each Day Only Grows

Did you know that billions of emails are sent every single day? Yes, that’s billions with a B. Currently, the number clocks in at 306 billion. But, by the end of the year, it’s expected to reach up to 361 billion. This makes it clear that people are not getting tired of emails any time soon.

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3. Email Use Is Global


There are currently over 4 billion email users worldwide. That’s almost twice as much as Facebook users! And, to top it off, that number is expected to grow another half billion in just a few years. After seeing statistics like this, it’s easy to see why email marketing is a no-brainer.

4. It's Essential For Business Success

Email marketing has been proven to drive customer acquisition and retention. But, don’t take our word for it – just ask the 80% of professionals that confirm it to be true.

5. It Drives More Sales Than Social Media Marketing

While social media marketing is important to grow your business, it’s not where you’re going to get your money. Only 12.5% of consumers bought something off of a social media app, while a whopping 60% bought something as the result of a marketing email. That’s almost 5 times the amount. See? A no-brainer. That’s why the key is to get people to sign up for your email newsletter.

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6. It Reaches Your Customers As Fast As Possible

This one might come as yet another surprise, considering the immediacy of social media. But in reality, 21% of emails are opened within just one hour of delivery. And, at 3 hours, it jumps up to 41%! With social media, your posts run the risk of being drowned out by everyone else’s posts. But, with email, you can rest assured knowing it will be seen by almost every person at the end of the day.

7. Automation Makes It Easier, Smarter, And More Efficient

Automation is one of the perks of email marketing. 30% of professionals said that the biggest benefit was the time it saved them. It’s also nice to set up something like an automatic welcome email for new subscribers. Or, one to remind them of items they might have left in an abandoned online shopping cart. All this helps you find and keep more customers!

8. Customers Actually Prefer Emails!

Another surprising statistic shows 61% of consumers actually enjoy receiving weekly promotional emails. And, to make it even more surprising, almost 40% say they would enjoy even more per week! So, you no longer have to worry about sending too many emails.

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9. It Allows For Segmentation And Personalization

With companies like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, you can create different email campaigns to cater to your customers’ different interests! This little tool is called segmentation, and increases the chance of someone clicking on a link by 50%

10. Mobile Reach is Increased

The rate at which people open emails from their phones has increased by over 100% in the past decade. And, about 60% of opened emails are on mobile. It’s likely that the majority of your customers have smartphones as well, making email marketing a prime tool for your business.

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Going Forward

Email marketing not only helps you gain new customers, but keep existing customers. It has stood the test of time and remained one of the key marketing tools of businesses across the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about what we can do for your business with our email marketing services!