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Rapid City Receptionist Services

Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging​

Receptionist Services for Rapid City Businesses.

Dot offers receptionist services for local businesses in the Rapid City area. Our friendly, professional, and local Dot receptionists are expertly trained and ready to help your business. Weekly, you and your Dot Receptionist will chat and make any necessary changes in duties or processes to ensure everyone’s success.

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Not Just A Phone Service

Take a Look at Our Receptionist Services

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Live Answering

Our Friendly, professional, and engaging, Dot receptionists are expertly trained to make a great first impression. Your calls can be answered 9-4 Monday thru Friday. Missed calls with contact info will be returned within an hour or first thing the next business day depending on when the call came in.

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Organized Calendars

Our Receptionist manage appointments, meetings, and events, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our receptionists are trained to use software and tools to manage schedules, and send reminders. By keeping a well-organized schedule, businesses can avoid double bookings, missed appointments, and other scheduling mishaps.

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Online Contacts

We can answer any emails that come through your website or other online resources requesting work and scheduling. This insures you never miss a potential client again.

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Expand Your Business Capacity

We understand that as a business owner, your time is valuable. With Dot providing phone answering service and booking your appointments, you’ll get valuable hours back in your day to focus on other important aspects of your business. With our receptionist services handling your calls and inquiries, you can have more time to concentrate on growing your business Let us help you reclaim your time and achieve your business goals!

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We Make Your Hiring Process Easy

More jobs will be flowing in once you aren’t doing all the receptionist duties and we can assist in putting together Hiring Ads and placing them on Indeed and other Places that make sense for your industry. When you are trying to hire, that is usually the hardest time to set time aside to interview. We can screen potential new hires and setup interviews for the ones we feel are the ones you should spend time and interview.

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Other Receptionist Duties

There are other duties you may need from your receptionist like calling past due clients or emailing statements, etc. Those are the type of duties we can add on to your receptionist services.

Dot Receptionist FAQ's

You get to keep your business phone number! Simply forward your phone line and our team of answering service professionals will take it from there.

Our Receptionist services can benefit your business by freeing up your time to focus on core tasks such as business development, customer engagement, and strategic planning. Additionally, virtual receptionists can improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient responses to inquiries.

Our Receptionist work from our local office. Our trained receptionist handle tasks such as answering calls, managing emails, and scheduling appointments. Our receptionists are ready to represent the business and provide a high level of customer service. We also work closely with the business owners, with weekly meetings to make sure everyone is in the loop on important business updates. 

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