Search Engine Optimization gets you found on Google!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimizing your site in the right way to improve the rank of your results when people search for terms related to your market. Google accounts for most searches and you should expect 80-90% of your organic traffic comes from them.  Bing may bring you up to 10% of your website traffic so still something to consider paying attention to.  We use our time wisely and do tactics that we feel are going to be the most beneficial for your business online.

The process works by analyzing the position you rank in your top key phrases.  We focus on your top key phrases even though we may be analyzing dozens of rankings.

And then,

We break apart Google search in 3 sections.

  • Google Ads Search. Recognizable by the little “AD” symbol and can fall above the map. Ads cost money with Google, but are sometimes necessary to start getting clicks right away. Our Google Ads Management services assists with this.
  • Google map with local listings under it. They are set off in with a box around them. Our listing management services assists with this.
  • Organic search results. The websites Google thinks match best with each search that fall below the local business listings. Our hosting, key phrase management, website management & technical SEO services assists with this.
Google position

Search Engine Optimization Tasks We Perform

Website Hosting & Maintenance

It’s more than just hosting and maintenance. We keep you going!

Listing & Review Management

We claim and monthly manage listings and monitor reviews.

Technical SEO

Schema tags, Meta Data, Image optimizing, forms and technical structure issues.

Google Ads Search Management

We manage your Google Ads Search Campaigns to help your website perform well.

Website Management

Website flow audits, new trend changes, website changes and upgrades to layout

Key Phrase & Content Management

We identify your main key phrases and work on your rankings.


  KEY PHRASES Identifying new potential key phrases to work on being top performer. Consider what voice searches are being done and add to key phrases.  Track how you are competing on those key phrases compared to your competition.  If you are not dominating a keyword, we make minor website changes to help. SITE AUDITS…

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