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Digital marketing cycle

Digital Marketing Strategy Is Your Master Plan

  • 3 min read

Marketing campaigns used to be limited to running ads on television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. But since the world has shifted into a digital era, it’s never been more beneficial to get your business doing digital marketing and the biggest challenge when adopting a digital presence is creating and implementing a digital plan.

digital marketing strategy is a master plan to hit goals utilizing strategic digital efforts. Creating a well-defined digital marketing strategy will be the difference between your company’s online success or downfall.

It is so important to:

  • Have A Guideline and Direction 
  • Understand Your Audience and Target Market 
  • Communicate Your Companies Value In A Consistent Way 

And it’s always a good idea to create milestones along the way to track your success. Playing the guessing game on what works and what doesn’t work will guide you off your path to success. 

At Dot Marketing we can create a digital marketing strategy specific to your business’s goals, deploy the strategy on a monthly basis and we track progress and improve constantly.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Process


We complete a full review of your digital marketing efforts.  We combine that information with data on your competitors’ digital presence helping to understand your competitive advantages. Some of the questions we will be gathering are:

  • What is the timeframe to have your digital strategies in place?
  • What does your target market look like?
  • What are the main products or services you sell?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What are your 1 year and 5 year goals for the company?
  • What is a new customer worth to you?


We create a customized plan including which marketing tactics will prove most successful for your goals. 

Build A Foundation

From website to social media to email, we build out the framework of each digital effort in your plan. 

Track Progress and Improve 

We will review your digital efforts regularly to ensure that they are still in alignment with your digital strategy and use data to supplement ideas on how to improve your digital strategy moving forward. 

The Bottom Line 

A digital marketing strategy can be a great tool to have an effective digital online presence and prevent you from wasting a bunch of money in places that don’t matter.  Each industry is a huge digital marketing puzzle and the team at Dot Marketing is ready to take on your business challenges, contact us today. 

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