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Why Your Business Is Falling In Search Rankings?

  • 3 min read

Maybe A Little Search Engine Optimization Is Needed.

We talk to many business owners who become frustrated by their constant moving position on Google or the other search engines and need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is important to understand that search companies like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to improve search result and deliver on their mission of giving the searcher relevant and authoritative content.

For businesses who drop, many times they are left wondering why and what they need to fix to move back up. Our goal is to ensure they don’t spend time fixing what isn’t broken. There’s a chance there’s nothing wrong at all! They may just be assessing content in a different way.

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A good comparison of this would be to make a list of your top 100 songs. If we did this exercise 2 years down the road you would surely have changes to your list. New songs would continue to be released, how do you think some songs will change in your mind. It would be a very fluid list and just because a song drops, doesn’t make it a bad song. there’s just more deserving songs now. 

For those who want to do something to try to improve their pages or site, we suggest focusing on content. The search algorithms are geared to reward this and spending time to continually develop this is the best thing you can do to strive for the reward.

When you sit down to develop content your need to ask yourself, your staff, and likely some people not associated with your business, some of these questions:

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  • Does our content provide original information? Things like reporting or research.
  • Does our information have a substantial or comprehensive description of the page focus?
  • Are we providing information that is beyond the obvious?
  • Do the page titles provide a descriptive and helpful summary?
  • Would you want to share this page with a friend?
  • Do you think your content could be referenced in an article?
  • Do you sound trustworthy in or provide examples to show why you should be trusted?
  • If you were shopping your own site, would you come away feeling like you are an industry expert?
  • How does your content look on your mobile site? Is it still friendly to read through?
  • Will a consumer find your site more helpful than your competitors in search results?