Successful Content Strategy

How many times have you thought that you were going to start blogging or making some short videos and push it out on the internet?  

Probably a few if you are like most business owners, but does it give you a return on your investment? High quality useful content does help you rank better online which in turn drives more sales.

But does it?

If you have a content strategy in place, your chances for success are much greater. 

Our simple steps for creating a content strategy are:

It’s easy to become visible when you know what to do, and at Dot Marketing we can assist in making it happen.

Simple Steps for Creating a Content Strategy

Identify the Buyer

Research and Plan

Create Content

Distribute Online

Measure the Success

5 Steps of Content Strategy Creation

Identify The Buyer

Who are your end users? A great way to figure that out is to identify your buyer personas. This is a way to you put yourself in their shoes so to speak.

Content Research & Plan 

Researching what’s going on in your space online, then developing a content plan and workflow structure will ensure success.

Creating Content

Consider blogs, videos and lead magnets for creating content that performs.

A lead magnet is a content upgrade that drives action.  And not just some lame “Sign up for our Email” lead magnet. 

Content Distribution

Pushing your content out via social, email or paid ads are all great ways, it just really depends on the overall goal.  Learn more about our content distribution services.

Measuring, Analyze and Suggest

Measuring your results is the one of the most important steps to this process.  You need to know what content is performing and why.