Why Google Ads?

The old adage that location is everything is still true in digital marketing. In order to get your business in front of people, you need to get your information where people are looking. Google is the most popular search engine in the world receiving more than 5 billion searches per day. Most of those searches result in ads being displayed that are relevant and targeted to the search being made. That means, if you place a Google Ad for your business and someone is searching for your type of business, you’ll be found even if you aren’t in Google’s regular search results. That is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Google Ads + SEO

For a new website, it can take time for your business to show up in Google’s regular organic search. Google Ads is a great way to help users find you and to help Google start to recognize your business faster in its regular search results. This way, Google Ads can and should be part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Google Ads Management with Dot Marketing

Managing Google Ads means understanding the business and its customers. It also means adapting strategies, analyzing data, and keeping up with trends. At Dot, we get to know you and your business, understand your customer’s needs, and evolve our strategies over time to make better use of Google Ads tailored to your business needs. As a Premier Google Ads partner, we also have access to strategies and tools that will accelerate your ad effectiveness.


We can run multiple types of Google Ads Campaigns.


Google Search Ads

Reach customers interested in your product or service with text ads.


Google Display Ads

Run different kinds of ads across the web.


Google Shopping Ads

Promote your products with Shopping ads.


Google YouTube Video Ads

Reach and engage viewers on YouTube and across the web.

  • We setup campaigns, key phrases, location of ads, time ads show and actual ad content.
  • Google Search and Google Shopping. We purchase ads on Google to get a quick boost to the first page of Google for key phrases that you want to come up for.
  • Google Display and Google Video. We purchase ads to get your brand out there.
  • We monitor and modify campaigns or web pages as needed to ensure you are spending dollars that are converting well.

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