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Top Benefits of SEO

  • 6 min read

Countless businesses have heard of Search Engine Optimization and know that they should be utilizing it to their benefit. However, they are still unsure how exactly it works or how to leverage it to advance their business goals. That’s where our professionals at Dot Marketing and Design come into play. Here are our top reasons to hire a professional to focus on advancing your business through SEO.

1. If You're Not First (Page), You're Last

If you are not populating on the first page of results, you are most likely not getting the engagement  you need online. 

According to a recent study, the first three organic search results get almost 40% of all click-throughs.The study also showed that over 30% of results on the first two pages don’t even get clicked. Basically, if you are not on page one, you need to get there and stay there through good SEO.

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2. Local Focused SEO = More Engagement, Conversions and Traffic

Local search is becoming an increasingly more integral part of small and medium sized businesses’ success. By optimizing your digital properties to local areas, local SEO helps people easily and quickly find your business. Local areas can be defined as a town, city, region, or even states thus giving your brand’s message a local level to focus on.  

Local SEO is accomplished by optimizing your website and its content with backlinks, citations, and listings relevant to the location and specific sector your business belongs to. A good place to start building your local engagement is by optimizing your Google My Business and social media profiles. Additionally, paying attention to customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, etc. will help.

3. SEO Impacts Buying Cycles

Make no mistake,customers do their research whenever they are thinking about purchasing anything of value. 

Leveraging SEO to have your messages show deals, products/services, and the level of importance you offer is extremely beneficial. When optimized properly, this can positively impact the buying cycle for your business.

Being visible in the places that people need you most develops beneficial connections by providing the answer to the questions customers are asking.

4. Organic Search Is Almost Always The Primary Channel Of Website Traffic

Organic search is potentially the most important part of your website’s performance in addition to being necessary to getting users to complete a conversion or engage with your website. 

With Google owning about 75% of the overall search market, it is imperative to follow their guidelines. With that said, don’t neglect other search engines that make up the remaining 25% of the market.

5. Consistently Updated Best Practices

It is clear that having SEO tactics implemented is extremely important, but it is equally important to routinely have your site re-evaluated. 

The world of search engines, primarily because of Google, requires you to stay on top of any changes in order to stay ahead of the competition. Google makes thousands of algorithm changes every year so proactively monitoring for them will benefit your business and keep you from falling behind. 

A good SEO will have a solid impact within the first few years of implementation, and these impacts will last for years to come, if done properly. 

The market is consistently growing and evolving so following trends is important but not necessary. A website with a decent user experience will see benefits from basic SEO actions alone. However, the more time, resources, and effort you put into SEO, the better and longer your site will be able to compete in its respective market.

6. Understand The Web By Understanding SEO

The Web is constantly changing which poses the challenge of staying on top of those changes. By routinely updating your understanding of SEO you are simultaneously keeping yourself updated. Understanding the SEO tactics of your local competitors and other businesses will also benefit your business.

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7. Build Trust and Credibility

Any strong SEO should be aiming to establish a foundation for a great website with effective user experience. The trust and credibility, aka the authority, of your business and its digital properties is what is really going to help with this goal. 

The authority of a business’ website in search engines takes time and effort to build. It is not only built by a good user experience, a visually appealing site, and easy discoverability but also with optimized on-site content, solid backlink profiles, machine-learning signals and positive user behavior. 

Building that authority is almost the most important digital optimization step.But as mentioned before, it takes time, effort, patience, and commitment while offering value and quality that anyone can trust.

8. Good User Experience = Better SEO

It is often overlooked that a good user experience is an integral part of getting better organic rankings and visibility. 

Google knows how to distinguish between a good and a bad user experience meaning it is increasingly important to a website’s success. Quality SEO does not neglect the importance of a positive user experience but uses it to work in favor for your brand.

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SEO Brings New Opportunities

A good SEO will always find a way of bringing new opportunities to your business and for your brand to be discovered. Creating a strong SEO for businesses requires having it in everything related to your brand. The more a brand is understood, the more opportunities will come to fruition and help that brand grow. 

In this day and age, SEO can make or break your brand. Fully understanding the way all actions taken correlate is next to impossible right now, but it is certainly worth knowing what effects certain actions have on certain key metrics. The best way to show the success of SEO is to try and connect as many dots as possible, in terms of data. Do not neglect the importance of good SEO and start learning more today at Dot Marketing and Design.