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The Host With The Most

  • 4 min read

We are always looking for better ways to serve our clients. Recently, we took a look at our hosting options to see if we could make improvements for all of our hosted websites. The shift wasn’t easy, but it made the most sense for helping our clients get the most value out of working with us. Our new hosting focuses on security, reliability, and speed.

Dedicated Server Means Dedicated To YOU

We have always hosted our client sites on a dedicated server. This meant that our server wasn’t shared with any other company so only our clients were sharing the space. This was a great option because we could control the security of all of our sites. We could also manage the server resources to make sure everyone had the needed performance for their individual site. However, it still meant that if there was high traffic on some of the sites, the performance of the other sites could drop. It also meant that if malware infected one site, it could potentially spread even with our security measures in place. To solve these issues, each site now has its own dedicated server. This means that all the power and resources the server has is all dedicated to running your site. Each server has its own firewall to protect from malware. 

In addition to a site dedicated server, our hosting is also attached to a first class CDN. What is a CDN? Basically it is a bunch of servers around the world that keep a lot of your site’s information on hand. That way no matter where your site visitor is coming from they can access it from a closer server than where your main server is. This is all about speed

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Someone visiting your site from New York, Canada, or Australia, can access your website information just as quickly as someone in Rapid City. Why should you care if someone in Australia can access your site quickly? They probably will never be a customer of yours, right.

Better Performance For More Business

No matter where your customers actually are, Google, Bing, and other search engines are global. That means they want to see a site that performs well everywhere. If it does, you get rewarded by ranking higher in their search results. The bottom line is that making sure your site performs better everywhere means your local customers have a better chance of finding you.

Extra, Extra, There Is More To Read About It

Security, reliability, and speed are the main reasons we made this shift in our hosting. There are a few extras that make managing your site just a bit better.

Overall, we love our new home for our client sites. If you already host with us, this is just one way we can say thank you for being our client. You know we are always looking out for the best ways we can help your business grow. If you don’t host with us, why not?