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How Google Trends Affect Your Business

  • 2 min read

Trending With Google

ice cream

This month, Google analyzed its huge database of information and determined what the top ice cream flavors that are being searched for in the US. Strawberry was number one and Ube was number two. If you’re not familiar with Ube, it is a type of yam that can be made into many types of treats including ice cream. Why does Google care about tasty treats that are trending?

Although the information isn’t particularly useful to Google (although it may impact how they order desserts for their employee cafeteria), this type of information is very useful to those who need to follow trends. For example, the owner of a bakery, restaurant, or recipe website, may want to consider the Ube trend. For owners of a recipe website, for example, a few more recipes containing Ube might be featured, with proper schema tags and a little social push could lead to a big traffic increase on the website.

At Dot Marketing we follow trends to help our clients get ahead of their competition. When we see trends that may give our clients a boost in the market, we can make tweaks to their website, social messages, or even give them this insight to modify their products or promotions.

Trending Matters.