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Hashtags and How To Effectively Use Them

  • 2 min read

Hashtags are keywords found within the body of text or added to the end of a status update with the pound (#) symbol followed by the word(s). The right hashtag for your social media post can significantly increase its reach. Hashtags can be single or multi-worded and should be concise and to the point. 

Hashtags work by organizing conversations around specific topics. When including a hashtag into a post, you are indicating to users and the systems algorithms that your content relates to that specific topic or category. 

The benefits of hashtags are: 

  1. Increased Viewership – help people discover your content and become more visible. 
  2. Build Social Followers – help build a following. 
  3. Create New Customers – find new prospects and customers by discovering conversations happening right now. 
  4. Branding – you can create hashtags specific to your brand. 
  5. Revenue – hashtags help you determine what people are talking about and guide you to new content decisions and product ideas. 
  6. Competition – you can track your competition, what they are a part of and what others are saying about them. 

When using hashtags remember to: 

  • Keep it simple and relevant
  • Use trending hashtags to be viewed by larger audiences
  • Don’t use too many hashtags per post. Generally 1-5 is perfect. 
  • Search the hashtag before using on your post 
  • Be specific and unique  

There are endless benefits and opportunities to hashtags in social media. Learning how and when to use hashtags properly is important to brand exposure and increased social media presence. Hashtags help you immensely, but you should use them to help your audience gain knowledge and discover what they need. 

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