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Building A Landing Page (or Two!) For Your Website

  • 1 min read

Be direct with your target audience and incorporate landing pages on your website. Landing pages have one goal: to create conversions. But what exactly is a landing page? 

Also referred to as a “lead capture page” or “static page,” landing pages encourage visitors to act. It is a form of marketing or advertising that is direct. Users must click on a link or button to access the page as it isn’t available to the general public. The focus or purpose can change, but it is always including a call to action (CTA, for short). 

By adding landing pages to your website you are: 

  • Encouraging visitors to take specific actions. 
  • Creating a more tailored user experience.
  • Improving the overall customer experience. 

Give our professionals at Dot Marketing and Design a call at (605)-519-5740 to discuss your options and how landing pages can improve your website.