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Nova Mayberry

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nova Mayberry - Digital Marketing Specialist

Nova's Role At Dot Marketing

At Dot Marketing, Nova is responsible for creating creative aspects of digital marketing for our clients. This includes managing tasks such as content writing, social media management, email marketing, website design, and graphic design. Additionally, she may also assist with other digital marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization and digital advertising. As a member of the team at Dot Marketing, Nova is excited to put her skills and experience to work, helping to drive success for clients.

Nova Mayberry with her husband and dog

Just for fun

Nova has a variety of hobbies, including playing video games with her friends, coaching all-star cheer, and spending time outdoors or traveling with her husband, Jacob, and their dog Cash. Nova also likes to escape with a good book or playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends. 

Nova's Experience

With multiple years of experience in Graphic Design and Marketing, Nova brings a strong skill set to the team. Born and raised in Rapid City, SD, and a graduate of Stevens High School, she has a deep understanding of the local market. Her background in photography, and illustration helps to create visually compelling content that drives brand awareness and engagement.