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JD Berru

Growth Counselor

JD Berru - Business Development Strategist

JD's Role At Dot Marketing

With over 15 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, diversity in global experience and a deep understanding of business, JD is a compelling member of the team. He excels in connectivity and communication. JD is focused on uncovering intention and desire through immersive and open dialogue. He is passionate about what sparks your drive to get up and do what you do. The distillation of your vision coupled with the production team’s robust experience set the stage for uniquely satisfying results.  

JD Berru - Business Development Strategist with Dog

Just for fun

For the better part of 20 years, JD has practiced and occasionally “taught” yoga. You can spot him at Sol Yoga Collective any day of the week. His stately and distinguished gentleman of the canine persuasion, Tank, keeps him outside hiking the Black Hills or walking around Robbinsdale park (check out the 1 mile dog walk loop!) the remainder of his free time. 

JD's Experience

JD chose an entrepreneurial path at the age of 16, starting one of many businesses to launch his career. Though, having had a spiritual awakening a few years later, thoughts on money and other social constructs pulled him away from business and out into the world. With fresh perspectives he reengaged. He has led national and international teams primarily for a marketing company that caters to lawyers and North America’s largest vacation rental organization, but there is a whole lot more weaved into his 39 years; a sit down with JD will always yield interesting conversation, at the least!