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Colton Hall

Digital Marketing Specialist

Colton - Digital Marketing Specialist

Colton's Role At Dot Marketing

Meet Colton, a member of the content creation and production team at Dot. Colton helps clients to grow their business in many areas like social media, SEO, Google and Youtube. Colton’s degree in Communications, with an emphasis on video and photography, taught him to look for the new “exciting idea” or “angle” that looks to capture the best part of a clients’ business. Colton also plays a role in bringing on new clients with Dot and displaying how Dot’s new products and services can best fill clients needs.

Just for fun

When not helping to provide the best marketing money can buy, Colton can be found wearily cheering on his favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, he’s been a part of the heartbreaks but he’s still standing. Colton also strives to spend as much time as possible with his wife and family, while also balancing the life of having a podcast.

Colton's Experience

Born and raised in South Dakota, Colton spent most of his time hunting, fishing and playing sports. Colton attended Presentation College in Aberdeen, S.D. to stay close to home and play college football. In Aberdeen, Colton met his wife, Alyssa, who was enrolled at Northern State University where she was also playing college volleyball. After graduation, Colton and Alyssa eventually made their way to his home of the Black Hills.