Online Review Management

Who is Managing Your Reviews?

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Since the whole world can read your reviews, you need to keep a sharp eye on them and act quickly if you see something damaging.

You want people to see your business as professional and helpful. Bad reviews are bound to send some people turning to other sources. But don’t worry, Dot Marketing is here to help!

Our ‘Online Review Manager’ software will help you increase your reviews, ratings, and responses on today’s most impactful review sites.

Never stress over your business’ reputation or unfair reviews ever again!


  • Acquire reviews from your everyday happy customers.
  • Filter unhappy comments and minimize negative reviews.
  • Has an effective response follow up strategy for negative reviews.
  • Quickly responds to minimize the impact of negative comments.


  • Monitor reviews on over 50+ review sites from one central dashboard.
  • All your reviews from the last 5 years across the internet, sort by site and rating.
  • Daily email alerts so you can stay on top of your online reviews.


  • Allows you to respond to all your reviews from one central dashboard.
  • Mobile App allows for review and response management on the go.
  • We make responding to a review as easy as responding to an email.

Interested in a Review Responder?

Here is a list of what they can do for you.

Respond to Reviews
  • Can respond for you.
  • Dedicated review responder who writes with your unique voice.
  • Negative reviews escalated back to owner or manager.
  • Quick responses to minimize impact of negative comments.