Website User Experience for 2019

How to Improve Your Website User Experience for 2020

What good is your website if the user that goes there isn’t having a good experience? You’re right, it’s not much good at all. What are users coming to your site to do? You want to make their experience as user friendly as you can. Here is a few ideas to consider when improving user experience.

Use White Space
Sounds like a print ad to me, but yes even on your website, too much clutter can make it hard for the user to find what they’re looking for.

Optimize Your Page Speed
If Dot Marketing is your hosting provider, we manage all of our websites on a dedicated server and test to ensure your speed is within a good range to get better rankings from Google.

Call to Action
Make it easy for your customers to complete a desired action. If your users typically call, make the call button easy to find.  

Segment Information with Bullet Points
Too much information may be overwhelming for people to read. Using bullet points to highlight key information can help break that up and make it easier to read.

Authentic Images
Make sure most images you are using are actual photos of your business and products and not just relying on stock photos.

Mix and Match Content Formats
A big list of black text and white background can be really boring to read through. Breaking it up with images, lists, background colors and column numbers and help keep the user interested and engaged.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile
Many websites now get more traffic from their mobile version than their desktop one. This means you want to be sure the user experience on the mobile version of your website is just as good as the desktop version.

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