Hosting and Website Maintenance

Our service is more than just hosting.

If you’d like to transfer your WordPress website to us to host and maintain, we can do that, too!

We Include…

  • Advanced hosting on a dedicated server.
  • Software and plugin updates.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Domain management.
  • Website performance audits.
  • Google Search Console work.
  • Up to 15 minutes of website changes.
  • Reporting on website visitors.
Website User Experience for 2019

What is GDPR and does it matter to me?

GDPR Explained Last year regulations went into effect in Europe. They were put in place to help protect its citizen’s personal information while online. They are called GDPR, and they have a huge impact worldwide. How can European regulations have so much power? The internet is a worldwide entity, and because of that, every website…

Website design is an extension of your customer service.

You work hard to gain a new customer and be able to provide a positive customer service experience to them. What about those customers who come to you online? It is very important that customers who come to your website are greeted with the same quality of customer service you deliver in store. Going to…

How to Improve Your Website User Experience for 2019.

How to Improve Your Website User Experience for 2019.   What good is your website if the user that goes there isn’t having a good experience? You’re right, it’s not much good at all. What are users coming to your site to do? You want to make their experience as user friendly as you can.…

Setting Up A Call to Action On Your Website

Need a Call to Action on Your Website? A Call To Action or CTA on your website is a piece of content intended to entice a viewer to perform a specific act. A CTA is an attempt to turn prospects into leads and hopefully opportunities! Download this book, request a quote, or “RECEIVE WEEKLY MARKETING…