Paid Digital Advertising

We Manage Your Digital Advertising Options

In order to get the information in front of people, you need to be where the people are looking.  And sometimes that means you need to pay to be there. 


To be at the top or bottom of a search engine page on Google or Bing, you need to use search text ads. You can also get graphical display ads on these search platforms. We can design and manage graphical ads that appear on various Google search platforms around the web. 

Social Media

As an offshoot of digital marketing, we use paid ad campaigns across several social media platforms to expand your reach to your target audiences. We can promote your brand, products, events, etc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Audio Streaming

Get in the ears of customers who are streaming music from Spotify or Pandora. Best for awareness campaigns, we insert your message programmatically before or during streaming music, news, and podcasts to deliver your message while listeners are on the go.


Video is consistently the most popular way for people to consume content today, especially on YouTube! Video advertising allows us to display ads before, during, or after a video stream. Most video ads are bought, sold and displayed using different targeting methods.