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14 SEO Tactics for 2020

Optimizing your website for search engines takes a 360 degree outlook on your website. In 2020, people can access your website in many different ways and even access content from your site without going to your site.  Here are 14 methods for getting your site noticed by Google and other search engines in 2020.


A key phrase is how someone is searching for something. As methods of accessing internet content have changed, so have how key phrases have been looked at by search engines. Key phrases need to be more natural language based rather than technical.  For example, instead of searching for “family law” a user may search for “how do I file for custody?”.  Key phrases are just as important as they have always been, but using more natural language is very important for 2020.


Looking at the site from both a technical perspective and a user perspective can be challenging. A site has to be browsed with technical aspect such as key phrases, links, layout, and image/text ratios, as well as be looked at from a usability perspective.  Can things easily be found? Does it take too many clicks to find something? We are constantly updating our methods of analyzing websites. Running site audits to ensure updates are made, security is up-to-date, and keeping up with usability trends are all part of keeping a site SEO friendly.


Outbound and Inbound links ensure that your website is connected with the rest of the web. Search engines use your connections to help verify your own website’s worthiness. Having inbound links (sites linking to you) is great because the way Google sees it, you now have authority because other sites are recommending you.  Having outbound links are important to Google also.  It means you may not know everything, but you know others who do. Think of a linking strategy as a way of networking with other websites. Some websites are more influential, so you want them to know you, while others are a good source of information that you can use to promote yourself and them. 


Making decisions about a website is based on information. How do we know if a user finds the website too hard to navigate? How do we know if our latest ad campaign is bringing people the site? How do we know if Facebook or Instagram is helping people find out about the website? We have a virtual tool belt of tools that help us analyze websites.  One of our primary tools is Google Analytics. Getting that data and being able to analyze it to make small changes with big impact is a key way to impact SEO. 


Another Google tool we use is the Search Console. This is a small tool, but can be a huge SEO booster. Through the Search Console, sitemaps are uploaded to Google so it knows you want to be found. It also constantly monitors a site for errors that Google would notice and possibly degrade your website ranking. 


As important as organic search is in 2020, Google has made it even easier to find businesses with Google My Business. A Google My Business listing is how you get found on Google Maps and also appears alongside Google results. A Google My Business listing can sometimes be the main traffic driver for a website.  


Even though Google My Business is the biggest listing resource, it is not the only one. Bing, Yelp, Yahoo and others all can help drive traffic to your site.  For our clients, we claim Google, Bing, Yahoo, and sometimes Yelp based on your type of business.  We also keep track of trends and if we see other listings are important to your business we will claim those also.  We also ensure that your branding and information is the same across all of the listing services. 


When searching on Google or any other search engine, each page it shows has a title and a description. This is the first opportunity you have to show potential customers who you are and what you offer. A title that explains what the page is about and a description that gives a teaser of information provided is important to getting people to click (or tap) and see what you have to offer. 


Regardless of all the other strategies, people are coming to your website for a reason. The content of your site is just as important to you being found as anything else.  This is your opportunity to show search engines that you actually know what you say you know. Content can be how search engines find you and why people trust you. So make sure your content appeals to both. Give search engines a lot of information and make sure to present in a way that people can understand. 


With the growth of voice assistants over the past few years 2020 SEO tactics have to include optimizing for voice searches.  People are more long winded when searching with their natural speaking voice, therefore longer search strings in a more natural tone will need to be included when trying to rank websites.


Rich snippets are nothing new to Google, but adding good content that Google can crawl to find specific information like definitions or explanations for common searches is going to get even more important in 2020. Also, include proper Schema tags to optimize specific types of schema that apply. 


SSL certificates are easy to obtain so no site should be without one in 2020 even if you don’t get personal information from your users.  Privacy policies should also be updated to reflect any GDPR rules if the European Union is part of your SEO strategy.  


Even though it seems that Google is the only search engine that matters, the search engine competition continues to increase and in 2020 it is important to watch the search engine trends.  Optimizing for Bing is also important, and keeping eyes on DuckDuckGo and other search engines that start creeping into your analytics for your site.  If you start noticing a trend, then see if there are specific optimizations that need to be done for those search engines.


Although Google Ads is paid marketing and not essential for SEO, keep in mind that any new search engine strategies you introduce will take time before the search engines pull it in organically.  Google Ads can help jumpstart any promotional campaign and can help drive traffic getting Google to notice your other SEO strategies.  Google has many ways to place advertising and be found online. We can set up an effective Google Ads campaign, monitor and make changes accordingly. We are a GOOGLE Partner with our specialty in GOOGLE SEARCH ADS. We charge a flat monthly fee to manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns. The monthly fee is based on the competitiveness of your market, ongoing work involved, and budget for clicks.